Monday, October 22, 2012

01 - hi

I'm really bad at introductions. Let's do this interview-style so I feel less vulnerable.

Name: Kristen

Age: Twenty, but I feel more like forty most days
Location: Hipster capital of Alberta
Occupation: 3rd yr. psychology major/sociology minor with a part time job at a cupcakerie
What do you do?: When I'm not digging myself out from underneath my textbooks, I practice with my improv theatre group, volunteer with the Undergraduate Psychology Association, and watch way too much YouTube.
Where can I find you?: Drinking coffee anywhere that it is served. Oh, and in bed, asleep.
Describe yourself in a sentence: Perfectionistic overachiever who thought she knew where she was going in life, but now doesn't, and is therefore starting a blog to a) vent b) be creative and c) help others through post-secondary hell.

Remember when those Facebook quizzes were popular? Yeah, they never really died out for me...

01. This time last year what goals did you have for yourself and have you achieved any of them?
Do absurdly well in uni, strengthen new friendships, and settle into the routine of living with a boyfriend in a new city while going to a new school. Check, check, check.
02. What’s one quality about yourself that you feel sets you back but also helps you? 
I'm the epitome of overachiever. I'm a huge pain in the ass, but, if you work with me on a school project, you're really lucky. I refuse to do less than my best.
03. Has anything happened involving you recently that has people in your life acting different towards you? 
I can't think of anything specific.
04. Is there anyone who lately you’ve been talking to more often? 
I've made some new friends.
05. Who is the last person you’ve surprised with something? 
My boyfriend, with a cute anniversary gift/card. :)
06. What is your favorite kind of food to eat? (ex: american, spanish, indian, ect.)
If I could eat authentic Italian food all day, every day, I would. I wouldn't even care that I looked like a blimp.
07. Have you recently discovered any artist or band whose music you like a lot?
I've honestly just been using the crap out of Songza because I'm lazy about "discovering" new music. I rely on my friend J a lot too. He's pretty into the local/Albertan music scene. I am addicted to that stupid Carly Rae Jepson song, though.
08. How long has it been since you were able to enjoy reading a book? 
2 months. Once classes start, I'm pretty much dedicated to my textbooks and notes. I manage to squeeze in magazines here and there, but it takes me ages to read them. I'm still working on August issues.
09. Was anyone who had been in your company today in a bad mood?
Yep. My boyfriend was getting pretty annoyed with our neighbours. They're from one of those cultures where talking on your cell phone is equated with raising your voice to obnoxious volumes because the person on the other end can't see your explanatory hand gestures. 
10. do you miss the way things used to be?
I miss freshman year of university quite a bit. Good people, good times, and less stress. 
11. what is something that has been causing you stress lately? 
School. Always school. I was dead-set on my future for a long time, and recently I am questioning myself. Psychology makes me happy, but it's not my passion. I want to have a creative job where every day is something new and exciting.
12. has anyone in your life (excluding family) that has made a life changing decision with you in mind or for you? 
^ Grammar fail. My boyfriend moved to the city to be with and live with me, so yeah, that's pretty major.
13. Would you ever get a tattoo in reference to music or a movie?
K and I joke about getting matching MM (Marilyn Manson) tattoos on our ankles. Some day...
14. What was the last news article you read about?
All that Amanda Todd stuff spamming my newsfeed. It's a sad story and I definitely empathize with her, but all the media attention it got became overwhelming and made me apathetic.
15. when was the last time you tried something for the first time?
I bought a purse from the Buffalo store the first time I'd ever been in it (last week). I'd always had the idea that the clothes in there "weren't 'me'" and the staff would be snooty, but I was totally wrong. Cute stuff and nice people. 
16. what are some touristy places close to where you live? 
West Edmonton Mall is a pretty big deal, I guess. It's just another mall to me, though. I also live in the heart of the art and youth culture scene where penny-pinching students and high-class businessmen frequently rub shoulders. It's interesting.
17. when you’re listening to music on your computer what do you use (ex: itunes, youtube, ect.)
iTunes, Songza, and YouTube.
18. are any of your friends upset with you over something at the moment? 
Not that I know of.
19. what is going on with everyone else who is in the house with you tonight?
My boyfriend is spending the day with his friend since he doesn't have any class on Mondays. Lucky duck.
20. the last time you felt sick what exactly was wrong?
Today: my entire digestive system hates me and I feel directionless. No big d.
21. if you had the choice right now would you prefer to be out or are you content with how things are right now?
I'm glad that I get some time to catch up on schoolwork while laying in bed, but I'd rather not feel like my intestines were about to fall out of my butt/creep up my throat.

So, uh, let's be best friends?

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