Monday, October 22, 2012

02 - summer to fall transition

(Although here in the Prairies it's less of a "transition" and more of a "Holy shit, it's September 1st aka the teaser to winter. Better pack on the layers.")

University students LOVE spending their hard-earned summer job cash for about the first 20 days of school. Then, they suddenly remember that their tuition is due in 3 days (I may or may not be speaking from experience) and they've completely fucked themselves over for the rest of the year. They spend the rest of their fall semester budgeting every single facet of their lives (excluding alcohol because, well, duh) until Christmas, when they prey on the kindness of their family to give them money so they can start drinking Starbucks again and stop eating $0.75 ramen noodles for all 3 meals.

Unfortunately, it's during this season of Ichiban that the weather gets just cold enough that their denim cutoffs and tanks they lived in all summer just aren't cutting it. This is why it's completely necessary (and totally okay) to pair your summer staples (below) with a few cheap autumn add-ins (also below - how convenient!). Search your closet for last year's heavier articles and scour Goodwill or go thrifting for the rest. No one will ever notice that you actually only have 4 shirts in heavy rotation if you take advantage of accessories and layers!

(Psst - each item below is under $50, for those of you who are a step above the rest of us noodle-slurping suckers.) 

All items available online.
HEADGEAR | 1. mustard beanie - $16, BANK Fashion 2. grey and white toque - $36, Roots
CARDIGANS | 1. studded beige knit - $27, Chiara Fashion 2. red button up - $49, Romwe
SHORTS | 1. distressed denim - $43, Etsy 2. black sailor buttons - $48, Paprika 
TIGHTS | 1. red opaque - $43, Fogal 2. black footless - $3.17,
INFINITY SCARVES | 1. cream knit - $15, 2. leopard print - $11,
NAIL VARNISH | 1. green "camo" - $7, China Glaze 2. deep purple "twilight" - $17, Bobbi Brown 3. pink "Like to Be Bad" (Wedding Collection) - $7.91, Essie
TANKS | 1. Aztec print crop - $11, River Island 2. loose grey - $24, RVCA 3. peace and love cross - $14, Chiara Fashion
BAGS | 1. mint green shoulder - $45, 2. black studded cross body - $24, Wet Seal
FOOTWEAR | 1. brown combat boot - $40, SM New York 2. ivory lace heel - $49,
BRACELET | leaf cuff - $18, Modcloth 
SOCKS | printed 2 pack - $9.84, Kelly & Katie
MITTENS | black/white polka dot - $13, Target


  1. Great start! I wish I was blogging while I was at u of a. Funny little life details. Great post

  2. Welcome to the blogisphere! :) I checked it out and my only suggestion is to check out your font, it's really small. Hard to read. Love your writing style though, I will be back often to check things out!

    xo Nik

  3. Welcome to the blog world!! Great post for fall transitioning while being on a budget! Even though I juuust graduated i am still on a student budget, gah!

  4. love your picks - especially the nude platform boot and cross tee. Perfect.

    HANNAH †